Ben Lasscock, Ph.D., Presents: ‘Applications of AI/ML with Geophysical Data’

Sponsored by HPE DSI and the Geophysical Society of Houston, the inaugural webinar focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to Geophysics.

June 30, 2020 /

Eno Oduok

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The HPE Data Science Institute collaborated with the Geophysical Society of Houston to host a webinar entitled, “Applications of AI/ML with Geophysical Data.”

Ben Lasscock, Ph.D., who serves as the Energy Solutions Group’s technical lead at Enthought, is a former software developer for Geoscience Australia. He discussed the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence and explained the methods of interpreting geophysical data in super computing.

“There is an enormous wealth of data that is available to us,” Lasscock said.

Access to information can lead to a multitude of outcomes in an individual’s research. Lasscock displayed charts of timelines and accuracy scores to show the overall effectiveness of an open dataset. He distinguished data from metadata and the information it can provide.

Based on a survey of geophysical datasets, Geoscience Australia has the “world’s largest collection of petroleum data.” The corporation also has other collections involving seismology, petrography, well-logs and more. Additional discoveries are accessible on their website for researchers around the world.

Lasscock and the Energy Solutions Group strive to produce resources for professionals to be successful in the industry of petroleum engineering.

“I want to give people strategies to obtain data for training models,” Lasscock said.

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