Q&A With Uchenna Ubeh: Micro-credential in Data Science

Boost your resume with a Micro-credential in Data Science

October 24, 2022 /

Isabelle Sitchon

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The Micro-credential in Data Science Program, offered by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute, provides opportunities for students to further their knowledge of data science and recognizes their expertise in the areas of Data Management, Python Programming, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning.

Uchenna Ubeh, a UH graduate student studying for his doctorate in Physics, participated in the Institute’s Micro-credential in Data Science Program. Ubeh hopes to contribute to clean energy through his research in two-dimensional materials by using methods of Machine Learning to automate and analyze data. He was asked to share his experience with the innovative program.


Isabelle Sitchon with the HPE Data Science Institute

What made you want to participate in the micro-credentialing program?

Uchenna Ubeh:  

Initially, it wasn’t to get a micro-credential; it was more to gain knowledge that could help me advance my research. While searching for courses on data management on the University of Houston website, I saw the course advertisement for the HPE Data Science Institute. I decided to enroll in the course: Introduction to Python. I was excited by the rich course content and the hands-on exercise offered. While trying to sign up for a second course on Introduction to Data management, I was told about the micro-credential program. Looking into the entire course content offered through the micro-credential program, I was convinced that the knowledge I would gain would help me succeed, both in my research edeavors and my career path. Hence, I decided to sign-up.

IS: In what ways has your experience in the program helped you in your research and your pursuits toward your doctorate?


Considering that our research laboratory is still very young and in the setup phase, the knowledge I acquired from the micro-credential program has helped automate some of the programs that needed to be running on equipment in our research laboratory. I have found courses like the Intro to Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Python beneficial during the automating process. Furthermore, courses like Principles of Data Management, Data Visualization and Cluster Computing have also helped enhance my computational and data analytical skills. I can now analyze and visualize data more efficiently using the knowledge gained from these courses. The knowledge gained through the micro-credential program will help me advance my research and boost my resume.


IS: What was your favorite part of the program?


The most exciting part about this program is that you gain knowledge that can be applied to solve real-world problems and that you get the (micro-credential) badge, which upgrades your resume. Having these digital badges on your professional accounts like Badgr and LinkedIn enhances your profile that future employers might take note of.

IS: What were some of your favorite projects, assignments, or concepts that you learned during the program?


Several projects I completed while taking the course were challenging but enjoyable. One cool project I completed was writing Python code that would fetch specific data from a given directory on my local computer. I think that was simple, but cool.  I believe the micro-credential program was designed to enable students to acquire advanced computational and analytical skills to help them succeed in their studies and improve their self-worth.





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