The Value of Partnerships with Societies

Eduardo Alvarez and Steve Lutz discussed their collaborations with the HPE Data Science Institute and extolled the importance of connections within the data science industry.

January 15, 2021 /

Eno Oduok

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This year, societies have collaborated with the HPE Data Science Institute to provide the community with unforgettable experiences and learning opportunities. The collaborations consisted of events, such as webinars, online workshops amongst others.

Eduardo Alvarez, data scientist and geophysicist at Quantico Energy Solutions, and Steve Lutz, president of The Society of HPC Professionals, discussed the value of partnering up with the HPE Data Science Institute and the University of Houston. Both the Geophysical Society of Houston and the Society of HPC Professionals are organizations with many of the same missions as the UH’s HPE Data Science Institute.

“These are win-win collaborations providing a space for students and professionals to interact, short and long term, and interchange a wealth of topical interdisciplinary ideas about challenges and technologies that directly propel workforce formation and business growth,” said Martin Huarte-Espinosa, associate director of the HPE Data Science Institute.

  • This year, what was your experience like partnering with the HPE Data Science Institute?

    Eduardo Alvarez: The HPE Data Science Institute provided a phenomenal opportunity for the geophysical community to add a strong educational component to oilfield digitalization efforts. We worked closely with Claudia Neuhauser [executive director of HPE Data Science Institute] and Martin Huarte Espinosa throughout the year; despite the limitations of COVID-19, they found time to share their expertise and support us in our monthly events.

    Steve Lutz: I agree, we had a very positive experience with our partnership with the HPE Data Science Institute, as well.
  • In your opinion, what was the value of this partnership?

    EA: The greatest value in the short-term is the ability to expose students to cross-disciplinary practices in geophysics. The Institute provides key resources and helps to market our events to this group.

    SL: This relationship has afforded our organization additional exposure to the users of the HPE Data Science Institute and provided a way to grow our educational mission.
  • What was your favorite part about the partnership and utilizing resources of the HPE Data Science Institute?

    EA: My favorite part was utilizing the marketing resources. It was an important part of maximizing our outreach during this time. I know it will be a crucial part for in-person events in 2021.

    SL: The biggest factor for us has been Martin and the team’s efforts to work with us and coordinate the relationship.
  • Why do you think it’s important to partner with societies?

    EA: Partnering with societies gives industries the ability to focus on resources and planning long-term strategies that benefit the professional and academic community.

    SL: This is a community that we want to foster and grow. Partnering is an excellent way to afford us the exposure we are searching for and to grow our HPC community.

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