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Mini Das

Mini Das Photo
Associate Professor
Science and Research 1, Room 419B

I am an Applied Physicist and an Engineer who works at the interface of multiple disciplines to solve outstanding challenges in medical and biological imaging. We combine tools and techniques from optical physics, applied mathematics, cutting edge instrumentation, analytical methods and extensive computational platforms. The broader impact and applications of my group’s work are in multiple areas besides biological and medical imaging, such as in defense/security, materials imaging, quantitation and characterization in chemical, materials and geophysical imaging problems. We are also very motivated to explore fundamental aspects related to light-matter interactions via quantum detection and other cutting edge tools being developed in my lab. Some of my key interests are : Experimental/Optical design and computational imaging for advanced and innovative imaging methods, computational simulation platforms for “virtual clinical trials”, psychophysics/image science aspects, vision science as well as global health/cancer screening to help bring cancer screening and imaging to underserved population and third world countries.