Visual analysis of spatia-temporal relations of pairwise attributes in unsteady flow

Despite significant advances in the analysis and visualization of unsteady flow, the interpretation of it's behavior still remains a challenge. In this work, we focus on the linear correlation and non-linear dependency of different physical attributes of unsteady flows to aid their study from a new perspective. Specifically, we extend the existing spatial correlation quantification, i.e. the Local Correlation Coefficient (LCC), to the spatio-temporal domain to study the correlation of attribute-pairs from both the Eulerian and Lagrangian views. To study the dependency among attributes, which need not be linear, we extend and compute the mutual information (MI) among attributes over time. To help visualize and interpret the derived correlation and dependency among attributes associated with a particle, we encode the correlation and dependency values on individual pathlines. Finally, to utilize the correlation and MI computation results to identify regions with interesting flow behavior, we propose a segmentation strategy of the flow domain based on the ranking of the strength of the attributes relations. We have applied our correlation and dependency metrics to a number of 2D and 3D unsteady flows with varying spatio-temporal kernel sizes to demonstrate and assess their effectiveness.